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PC-LINK KTF STUDIO represents a true "laboratory" instrument specifically developed by BTSR to help the technical staff with the best configuration of BTSR feeding devices (KTF 100 RW or KTF 100 MF) installed on one or multiple textile processes, in particular when these are managed by PC-LINK KTF software.

PC LINK KTF STUDIO, infact, besides directly interfacing the KTF devices, is mainly designed to deeply analyze the data either saved by PC-LINK KTF software or directly got from connected devices. This allows detecting and correcting even the smallest criticalities or behavior differences of the various devices.

PC-LINK KTF STUDIO is then a powerful analysis and "Tuning" instrument designed to support the device setup activity on the individual machines, in order to assure the best production performance, in particular for yarn preparation processes (winding, doubling, copsing, twisting, texturing, interlacing). - See more at: